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Liene’s Sewing Corner

I have always been surrounded by sewing but I never truly appreciated it until a few years ago.  Growing up in a former Soviet Union people had very few resources to consumer goods, including apparel.  To get anything, people had to wait in lines for hours and even then you were not guaranteed to get the desired merchandises.  Thanks to my aunt, my mom had an access to fabric which she used to create clothes for my brothers and I.  From an early age, I learned the very basics of sewing, but I never took any interest to learn more.  My mom still reminds me how the sewing machine had to be repaired every time I touched it.

After I got married I told my husband that I would like to have a sewing machine.  Couple of days later, my darling husband bought my first sewing machine and took me fabric and pattern shopping.  I remember being terrified to cut the fabric because I was worried I would mess it up.  My husband told me some very special and encouraging words that I keep reminding myself even today.  “You can’t learn if you don’t try.  Keep experiencing and have fun sewing.  You can always buy more fabric!”  Over the years, I have made many mistakes and many half-finished garments had been cut to shreds but that never stopped me from sewing again.

Almost everything I know about sewing I taught myself by making errors.  When my mom comes to visit us, I ask her to teach me a new skill.  I wish one day I could have more time to practice my hobby but for now I enjoy the time I can spend creating clothing for my family.


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