Green polkadot flower pots

Since this probably is our last summer in our current house, I do not want to buy and put any more money to decorate this house.  Instead, I am trying to use the resources that I have lying around the house or in our shed.   I found this boring looking clay flowerpot and decided to give him a face lift!

I had a gallon of latex paint that we still had when we first painted the kitchen.  Back then I bought more paint that what we needed and we had a whole gallon of paint just sitting around and collecting dust.

My dear husband was never fond of the paint color that I picked.    Since my husband doesn’t like that color at all, I wanted to change it to a different color.  I poured a little bit of regular craft paint and it gave me a completely different color.

To finish my pots, I used dark green craft paint to give them big polka dots.  And now we just have to wait and see if any flowers will grow in our new flower pots!