Growth Chart

For the last two years we have been using Nordic Natural’s advertisement growth chart that we got from our local co-op.  Just recently I decided that I had enough with the paper chart and my children needed a new growth chart.  I did not want to spend money on a brand new growth chart.  I checked all my fabric bins and I found everything I needed to make my own hand-made growth chart.  I picked a picture of a bunny and hand embroidered it, as well as, the lines to show how big the kids are getting.  After that I sewed the numbers that represent feet and the growth chart was ready.


Bean Bag Quilted Neck Warmer.

I have always liked quilts and I admire people who can quilt.  The time and skill that takes to make a quilt is amazing.  Last summer my husband’s aunt gave me lots and lots of boxes full of fabric.   Most of the pieces were small enough only to use for quilting.  Right before I started school in August I tried making a quilt but I got nowhere.  I cut my squares waaaay too small and I lost any interest in finishing the quilt.  The other day I was looking through Internet and I found this cool travel pillow pattern and I wanted to try it out myself.  I liked how the pillow had a quilted front.  I gathered fabric, cut the squares out, sewed them together and I made my first quilt that I used as the pillow’s front.

For the label, I used my embroidery machine to embroider a label.

For the filling I used three lbs of regular dry navy beans from Wal-Mart.  This way, the pillow can be used as a traveling pillow in our car or can be put in the microwave for three minutes and used as a neck warmer.

10 minute mittens.

Our poor little baby boy Z has been wearing sisters’ pink mittens or no mittens at all.  Since we are going up north for the holidays, I decided that it’s time my baby boy gets proper mittens for the winter.  I have a hard time wasting my money for things that I know I can make myself.  So I just made Z some mittens for the cold Wisconsin winter. Voilà– Zig’s 10 minute mittens are done!

Ruthie’s dress

Dustin and I are giving Kaiva and Lilija American girl dolls for Christmas.  Knowing how much little girls love to dress up theirs dolls, we would like to give more than one outfit for the dolls.  Since American Girl dolls are spendy enough, I decided to make outfits for the dolls myself.  I just finished the first dress for Kaiva’s Ruthie.  I am planning to start making a dress for Lili’s doll tomorrow night.

Pajamas for Z.

Ever since I started school in August, I haven’t had any time for sewing.  Fortunately I have some time off of school this week, so I decided that it is time to make pj’s for Z.  My poor baby boy doesn’t have any pajamas that fit him anymore.  Z has grown so much in the last few months.  Z started walking a month ago and now he is one crazy climbing machine.

For the pattern I used the latest Ottobre Design magazine 6/2011 issue.  I love that magazine because it is always full of very good ideas and patterns.  For the fabric I used black and blue knit fabric that was lying around in my fabric box.  I cut out the “Potty like a Rockstar” sign from an old onesie that doesn’t fit Z anymore.

Kaiva’s new slippers

WOW!  Time does fly.  Our oldest daughter Kaiva started Kindergarten and our second oldest daughter Lilija will be in 4K.  Even though I am very excited for my children to start school, I am a little bit sad because all my babies are growing up way too quickly.  Even our little baby Z is not a baby anymore as we are celebrating Z’s first birthday today.

On the other hand, I am hoping to have more “free” time to sew now that two of our children will be in school.  My first “back to school” project took place just a few days ago.

Kaiva has been begging me to make her a pair of slippers since last spring.   I did make her a pair of slippers once before but since they were strictly made out of fabric, they felt apart a month later.  This time I used a piece of hide for the bottoms of the slippers.

Not only am I hoping that the slippers will hold longer but I am also hoping they won’t be as slippery as the fabric slippers.  For the slipper’s body I used two different kinds of flannel pieces that my wonderful aunt-in-law Vicky (who is an AMAZING quilter) generously gave to me.  When I presented the slippers to Kaiva, she was very excited to have a new pair of slippers for the cold Wisconsin winter that will be here in no time.