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Bean Bag Quilted Neck Warmer.

I have always liked quilts and I admire people who can quilt.  The time and skill that takes to make a quilt is amazing.  Last summer my husband’s aunt gave me lots and lots of boxes full of fabric.   Most of the pieces were small enough only to use for quilting.  Right before I started school in August I tried making a quilt but I got nowhere.  I cut my squares waaaay too small and I lost any interest in finishing the quilt.  The other day I was looking through Internet and I found this cool travel pillow pattern and I wanted to try it out myself.  I liked how the pillow had a quilted front.  I gathered fabric, cut the squares out, sewed them together and I made my first quilt that I used as the pillow’s front.

For the label, I used my embroidery machine to embroider a label.

For the filling I used three lbs of regular dry navy beans from Wal-Mart.  This way, the pillow can be used as a traveling pillow in our car or can be put in the microwave for three minutes and used as a neck warmer.


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