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Kaiva’s new slippers

WOW!  Time does fly.  Our oldest daughter Kaiva started Kindergarten and our second oldest daughter Lilija will be in 4K.  Even though I am very excited for my children to start school, I am a little bit sad because all my babies are growing up way too quickly.  Even our little baby Z is not a baby anymore as we are celebrating Z’s first birthday today.

On the other hand, I am hoping to have more “free” time to sew now that two of our children will be in school.  My first “back to school” project took place just a few days ago.

Kaiva has been begging me to make her a pair of slippers since last spring.   I did make her a pair of slippers once before but since they were strictly made out of fabric, they felt apart a month later.  This time I used a piece of hide for the bottoms of the slippers.

Not only am I hoping that the slippers will hold longer but I am also hoping they won’t be as slippery as the fabric slippers.  For the slipper’s body I used two different kinds of flannel pieces that my wonderful aunt-in-law Vicky (who is an AMAZING quilter) generously gave to me.  When I presented the slippers to Kaiva, she was very excited to have a new pair of slippers for the cold Wisconsin winter that will be here in no time.


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